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The AGAPE Food Pantry Has Moved!

We are so pleased to announce we have moved the AGAPE Food Pantry and Administration Offices.

Today, June 25th, was our first day of curbside food assistance through our new building. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are continuing to operate curbside until things are looking up in our community and it is safe for our volunteers to return.

We served 36 families today and things went quite smoothly. With our facemasks on, we are quick to meet our clients outside and gather their information while a few other staff members or one of the few volunteers pack food and personal care items for the family waiting.

If you have questions about how we are operating or if you need directions to our NEW location, please feel free to call us at 636-456-4645.

We hope everyone is staying safe and remember we are all in this together!


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